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New Prime Co., Ltd.
25, Wolgok-ro 100-gil, Dalseo-gu Daegu 42723 Korea
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New Prime Co., Ltd.

PP, PE Woven Fabric, House Wrap, Lumber Wrap, Tarapulin

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PP, PE Woven Fabric, House Wrap, Lumber Wrap, Tarapulin

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PP, PE woven fabric, House wrap, lumber wrap, Tarapulin

  • Application: building cover, industrial covers, bag, agriculture uses
  • Characteristic & strength : all products are made in Korea, Drain water off, Various size, protection against wind.
    available to printing( putting logo on it)
  • Certification: ISO9001;2009,ISO14001:2004, Innovation SMEs confirmation

P.P, P.E Woven Fabric
Newprime woven fabric

New prime can provide you with high quality PP/PE fabrics in various sizes & colors.

P.P, P.E Bag
Newprime P.P or P.E bag

We guarantee that Newprime's P.P / P.E bags are the most durable with excellent water proofing function. Printings and logos are customizable upon your order.

P.P, P.E Tarpaulin
Newprime P.P or P.E Tarpaulin

Water and wind resistance property of P.P and P.E fabrics are maximized when reproduced into Tarpaulins.

P.P, P.E Insulator
Newprime P.P, P.E Insulator

We possess of a leading technology in producing nonflammable interior/exterior materials and our newly introduced insulators are proudly ground-breaking.

P.P, P.E Wrap
Newprime P.P, P.E Wrap

New prime can customize PP, PE wrap for thickness, length and mesh per your requirements.
It is weather and sunlight resistant and ideal for long-term storage.


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